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ACA Open Canoe Slalom Nationals
& North American Championships

Entry Information & Forms

The classes for this year's Nationals will remain on the same days in about the same order as they were at the 2009 Championships. With the necessity to have racing split each day into an AM session in first half of the morning and a PM session in last half of the afternoon and to compensate for the number of entries that have to have all their first runs in AM time slot, the class lists may need to be adjusted slightly. It is possible that these adjustments may have to be made as late as the 4pm close of late registration on Thursday, August 5th. Essentially, there will be six racing sessions over the three days instead of the traditional three. First runs will be in the morning sessions, from 8am to 11am, and second runs will be in the afternoon sessions, from 4pm to 7pm. The Combined Downriver race will take place first thing in the Friday afternoon session followed by a half hour break to reset the gates for the second runs of the Friday classes. Listed below is the class order by day for the 2010 championships.
Entries for the ACA Open Canoe Slalom Nationals & North American Championships are now being accepted. Registration Forms, (see links below), & Fees must be mailed to Adventure Sports Center International, 250 Adventure Sports Way, McHenry, MD 21541, and postmarked no later than July 28, 2010, or delivered in person to the ASCI store cashier by 3:00 pm on Sunday, August 1, 2010. The Registration fee is $75 per person and includes entry for two classes, practice time, a Tee Shirt, two meal tickets for Saturday night, and passes & discount tickets for area services. A fee of $10 will be charged for each additional class entered above the initial two. On site Late Registration will be accepted at Race HQ from Noon till 4:00 pm daily Monday, August 2, 2010, through the final registration cut off at 4:00 pm on Thursday, August 5, 2010. (NOTICE: $25 Late Registration Fees have been eliminated!)

OC1 Open REC (Comb)
OC1 Open RAC (Comb)
OC1 W REC (Comb)
OC1 W RAC (Comb)
OC2 Mixed RAC (Comb)
OC2 Open REC (Comb)
OC2 Open RAC (Comb)
OC2 Mixed REC (Comb)
OC2 Mixed RAC
OC1 Open RAC
OC2 Masters REC
OC1 Open REC
Combined Downriver Race
OC1 Open (Citizen)
OC1 Women (Citizen)
OC2 Open (Citizen)
OC2 Mixed (Citizen)
OC1 Masters REC
OC1 Open 15 RAC
OC2 Open RAC
OC1 W 13 RAC
OC2 Open 15 RAC
OC2 Youth/ Sr. RAC
OC1 Masters 13 RAC
OC2 Mixed REC
OC2 Masters RAC
OC1 Open 13 RAC
OC1 Open X
OC1 W Masters RAC *
OC2 Mixed 15 RAC
OC1 Masters 15 RAC
OC2 Open REC
OC1 Masters RAC

* Class changed from REC to
RAC in December of 2009.

Confused..... Click here for information about "What classes you can enter".

Entering the Race:
ENTRY Form - for the 2010 ACA OCS Nationals & North American Championships.
ACA Adult Waiver - each adult entrant is required to fill out this Insurance Form.
ACA Minor Waiver - each minor entrant is required to fill out this Insurance Form.
ASCI Waiver - every entrant is required to fill out this ASCI Use Form.
Racer's BIO - every entrant is required to fill out this form for Press Information and the PA announcer.
Racing Rules - the latest version of the ACA Open Canoe Slalom Racing Rules.
Schedule - the Official Event Schedule for Practice Days, M-Th, August 2-5 and Race Days, F-Su, August 6-8.

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